Great News 

The new wagon is the Network rail one there were only 5 done in this colour, 4 basically the same and 1 slightly different.
I will be doing all 5 and only approx 220 of each one, so with this in mind I will be selling only in the full set of 5 wagons.

The Wagons have now arrived and in hand. 

The NR numbers 460049/56/59/60/63  price ¬£105 for the set and includes P&P to UK address

Finished Cardiff rodmill spa

Here are some pictures of the finished sample for CRM wagon. A copy from the real SPA with this branding.

Photo By Kind Permission Of Ernie  Puddic

The model shown has been fitted with a steel load. This was supplied from P&H models from their DUHA range part no #11318
The model has a removable cradle. This is to allow for other variations which did not require the wooden battens.
A finely detailed OO Gauge model copied from the original which was used all over the UK starting life moving steel.

Removable cradle


fine detail

 bringing ready to run models to the railway enthusiast

Filling The gap Models